Changes Coming to the Delegation Process


Changes are coming to the delegation process at the WRDSB. It appear that must think we had too many opportunities to express our concerns. And, in the future, they want to know several days ahead of time exactly what they are going to hear from us as concerned parents and stakeholders.

I attended the board meeting last evening and was surprized to see minutes from the Policy and Bylaw Standing Committee that indicate that they will be changing the delegation procedures. You can read the minutes of this Committee’s meeting from January 30, 2012 and read about the proposed changes.

Changes include:

  1. You can only appear as a delegation on any given topic once every three months. Regardless of having new information that you want to bring forward. The only opportunity you will get is a maximum of 5 minutes every 3 months.
  2. If 8 delegations have not signed up by noon on the Thursday before the meeting, there will not be an opportunity to fill empty spots on the Monday evening by way of a trustee vote. I believe even if there is a last minute cancellation, that 8th spot cannot even be filled by someone on the wait list.
  3. You must provide an electronic copy of your delegation to the manager of Corporate Services by noon on the Thursday prior to the Monday meeting.
  4. If you go over 5 minutes, you will be granted only 30 seconds to conclude your statements. Gone will be the opportunity to have the trustees vote to allow you continue.

The Chair of the Committee (Trustee Smith) stated at the meeting that these are just the minutes of the meeting. That they will meet again and finalize the proposed changed. The changes with then be brought to the board for a vote.

We really do need to keep our eyes on this newest development from the WRDSB. It appears to me they really are trying to stifle us going forward. First the 3 signature rule to stifle individual trustees and now this.

What is next?

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